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At Air Phones, we believe that mobile phones are a basic need and everyone is entitled to own one. We therefore find it rather uncouth that any UK citizen should be denied an opportunity to own and use a mobile phone simply because their credit score is wanting. Our core aim and purpose has been to help as many UK citizens as possible with a low credit score get approved for a contract phone without going through the troubles that they have been going through over the years. We believe that all UK citizens should be looked at from the same lenses without being discriminated upon on the lines of credit rating.

Our desire to help as many UK citizens get approved for a contract phone has seen us helping thousands get approved for bad credit mobile phones. Our bad credit mobile phones contracts are carefully thought out and offered with the best interests of our customers at heart. In our attempts to offer the best services to our customers, we have partnered with various industry leading players conversant with contract phones to ensure that you make an informed decision. To learn more about bad credit mobile phones and anything related to mobile phone contracts, please click here.

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As a top tier provider of bad credit mobile phones, we offer not only affordable bad credit mobile phones but also ensure that the plans we offer are as diverse and that they exceed the expectations of our customers. The application process is pretty simple and our customer personnel are the best you could ever hope for. They are not only professional in their dealings but also ensure that every single need of the customers are met. Our approval process is pretty fast to ensure that our customers get their mobile handsets within the shortest time possible. With the promise of no credit checks and a solid reputation that has over the years been the backbone to our success, you can be rest assured that your credit score is of less concern to us and that we approve your application for bad credit mobile phones within the shortest time possible!